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*Talon stands there puzzled, his weapons should have eliminated K'warra for good he thought. For another moment he thinks about it, but then desides that there must have been a flaw somewhere. But now wasn't the time, Shunaria was around and looked like a more of a prime target.

Talon looks at the fire.*

Talon "Are you going to stay there all day now? I hardly think you needed that much time to prepare yourself."

*a set of eyes glow from within the flames that consumed Davin.*

?? *deep voice* "Who says that I am?"

Talon "Ah so the two of you finally desided to stop it with the bickering and got down to business, thats good. We have vermon to kill."

?? "We?"

Talon "Yes we."

*WH Irvine was sitting on an old wooden chair on a porch infront of a building nearby.*

WH Irvine "Perhaps I could be of some assistence?"

Talon *to WH Irvine* "Who you? You couldn't even hold out a few whelps from that portal you were supposed to guard. And in this dimension you have none of that ability that you had."

WH Irvine "Oh please like you to talk, You hid your little secrets about your clever swords you got."

Talon "I see you're insinuating that you're keeping something from me? Like you could have used it to prevent all this?"

WH Irvine "Shut the hell up Talon. You know what I'm talking about."

Talon "And you're not even a quarter of the man that you were."

WH Irvine "Look at that out there.." *pointing to Shunaria* "Does it really matter. Even if I try and die, it'll be better then sitting on my ass now."

Talon "If you're about to be put down, Don't expect my help."

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