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Originally posted by The Saxman

Sounds like one solution to the problem would be to have someone start a server with two areas on it. One "Honor", one "Standard", and have them labeled such (telling players EXACTLY what's expected inside).
Actually, the author of the most popular Jedi Academy admin mod tried to do just what you suggested, with one part of the map designated "free for all" and the rest "no laming". You can imagine why that wouldn't work: there is the problem of things spilling over the border or new players not understanding what is done where. But worse, suggestions like that show total lack of understanding of "real FFA". You can't confine it to one little area of a map, it takes away the movement and tactics that are part of real FFA.

It's like going to a football field and saying "football players, play only between the 20 and 40 yard lines over there. We're going to stand around and have a "whine"-and-cheese party and play badminton and croquet over here. And if someone goes for the ball and collides with someone chatting and sipping wine, we're going to amsleep-amslay-ampunish your sorry butt to teach you not to lame like a f*****g noob". Imagine how much fun it would be to try and play football under such ridiculous restrictions. Any self-respecting athlete would say "the hell with this, let's go shoot some hoops" (i.e. leave the game for good to play UT2004, Call of Duty, Far Cry, DOOM 3, Battlefront, etc. etc.).

So what do you end up left with? The wine-sipping, chatting, badminton and croquet players. Repeat this scenario over and over again and they become the "majority" in the game.

Now imagine some new kids with brand new footballs wander over to the football field. They are excited, because they had previously only played in their backyards (i.e. single-player game), but now they get to play on a real field (i.e. Internet game server). They see some people on the field and try to get a game going, throwing passes and trying to play with the people standing around on the field, playing like they did at home (i.e. single-player game). The next thing they know they are slammed to the ground by an invisible hand and can't move. One of the wine-sipping croquet players comes over and says "stop laming you f*****g noobs! Didn't you see that my badminton racquet was down! Playing football isn't allowed here! Can't you see we're playing croquet and badminton?!?!? F*****g noobs!" The new kids leave, but every football field they go to has the same rules and wine-sipping croquet and badminton players. Eager to fit in, they start sipping "whine", and playing croquet and badminton on the football field like "everyone else". The aren't experienced enough to realize it is total BS, so they join the "majority" of croquet and badminton players.

But they get bored of that, so they start spawning Rancors and Jawas and Wampas to relieve their boredom, but that's another story.

Anyway kids, that is the story of what happened to the great series of Jedi Knight games that began with Dark Forces, Kyle Katarn, and his guns (and no lightsaber), and ended with no guns, no Force, saber-dueling only amabusing "honor servers".

The End.

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