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Imperial Star Destroyer!

Took some pictures of the Imperator-Class Mk I Star Destroyer you can try and destroy in deep space if you're a rebel.

Keep in mind my fighter is, I guess, about 12 meters in lenght, about the same size as an X-Wing, maybe abit longer.

Trash Ejection Chute:
Image 1
Image 2
This is where the trash is ejected out from the back of an ISD.

Rear View

Command Tower:

Stern Turbolaser Cannon Turret
This is the top-aft Turbolaser Cannon Turret, situated right between the targeting array (starboard side of my fighter) and the end of the command tower (port side of my fighter).

Top View
Top forward view from right above the command tower.

Command Tower
Frontal view of the immense command tower, with the bridge in the center.

Close-Up of Bridge 1
Here's a close-up view of the bridge on an ISD. Can't come any closer than that without crashing thru the windows.

Close-Up of Bridge 2
Another close-up view. Notice the starboard side Dual Barreled Heavy Ion Cannon Turret in the left lower corner of the picture.

Close-up 3
Yet another view, but from a different angle.

Big Guns:

Big Guns
Alright, let's stop beating around the bush and head for the big guns. There's an identical row of heavy guns on the other side.
From the left:
* 1 Dual Barreled Heavy Ion Cannon Turret
* 3 Dual Barreled Heavy Turbolaser Cannon Turrets.

Heavy Turbolaser Cannon 1
My ship parked just below the mighty barrels.

Heavy Turbolaser Cannon 2
Look at the size of that thing!
The barrel looks about a meter in diameter.
I wouldn't want to get hit by that thing.

Heavy Turbolaser Cannon 3
And there are 2 more plus a Heavy Ion Cannon Turret further back (plus the battery on the other side).

Heavy Turbolaser Cannon 4
My fighter situated right ontop of one of the heavy guns. It's bigger than my ship.

Main Docking Bay:
Image 1
Inside the main docking bay. Fighter is pointing forwards. What you see behind it is the docking control bridge/tower (row of windows) and the main hangar bay (doors closed) below it.

Image 2
Forward view of the main docking bay.

Hot Pursuit:

I've got an ISD up my tailpipe!

Star Destroyer
Distant view of an Imperial Imperator-Class Mk I Star Destroyer.

You're gonna attack them?!?!
Sir, the chances of surviving a direct assault on an Imperial star destroyer is ...

Shut up!!!

Brim Trench:

Brim Trench 1
Closing in on the starboard side brim trench.

Brim Trench 2
Still closing in on the trench.

Almost there

Al ... most ... there ....

Fire away!!!
Oh wait, wrong trench.

Different Pictures:
Starboard Windows 1

Couple of window ports somewhere on the Star Destroyer.

Starboard Windows 2
Different view of the same 2 window ports.

Below Main Central Engine
My fighter parked below the main central engine.
No, I swear.

See, I told you I was parked below it.

Familiar Setting
Look familiar to you?

Empire Strikes Back
How about now.

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