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Sam and max comics are hard to find but worth very little

Hello sam and max fans, I just wanted to let you know that right now has the 1989 comico sam and max for only 2.50 but they are out of stock on all others. I just bought the 1987 fishwrap one from them for only 3$ so, as hard to find as they are, they are not worth much. There is however a collection that can go for as much as 200$
I got my copy on ebay for 90$ + shipping and it contains almost every sam and max comic ever made (see comicography)
Just shooting it out there, dont be sad about them not being worth alot, just know that they are hard to find. Email me with any questions as I visit about 500 boards a day and might not view this one for a while.

A true S&M fan,
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