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Okay, that pretty much answers my questions. (Especially since I have a good idea at how mithril armor should interact with stuff from my dimension.)

A couple notes on my most recent post, since I designed it with the clear objective in mind of incapacitating/injuring everyone. XD

Everybody's wounds can be healed by the Force or by the Futhark.

The magic stun affect on Ellela can't, but it will vanish after a few minutes, and the Force can be used to cut its effects in half, or get rid of it faster, as long as it's Ellela doing it. The Futhark can't be used to do this (because Ellela can't use the Futhark.)

The bullet that hit Cracern is of a kind referenced in C13; the bullet itself is less important than the payload it releases, which ignores tough unliving substances but rips up organic substances and disrupts electrical systems.

The sleep spell on Sir-vin should wear off pretty quickly, simply because of contact with the freezing snow and the fact that he's Force-sensitive and a sort-of Jedi. The spell can only *keep* him asleep for about half a minute.

Admiral: Since I didn't know if the Futhark shields around Svafa and Idona were one-way, I didn't specify whether the shields were forced against the two, the magic hit them. I chose to assume that the shields were moveable in relation to Svafa and Idona, since I had to make a choice one way or another, but if they are not, then the magic punctured the shields and hit them. (and I will edit to say so.) Either way, the same effect.

They will be severely bruised and possibly sustain concussions (up to you, and I'm sure Idun can fix concussions ) [edit: No concussions if it's impact, they weren't hit in the head.] but if the mithril works as impact armor they shouldn't be further injured.

Note this is NOT an ordinary magic effect, so it is extremely unlikely Idun would know this could happen (relating to our earlier discussions).

Any other questions, I will answer here.

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