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they were on their way back when jake saw something.
"hey, someone isbeing mugged over there!"
"shouldn't we help them?"
"no, they are human, humans hate vampires."
"so, we turn the guy we rescue!"
'i said no!"
"fine, if we get caught its your fault" the pull over and run towards the alley they saw, Brooklyn ran up and unleashed some ju jitsu on them all, thye all attempted to crawl away, but Jake shot them.
"you ok man."
"holy sh*t man, you shot them"
"thanks, but i don't befriend murderes."
"then you will die"
"no" the man started to run and Brooklyn shot him.
"hey , what the heck was that?"
"he saw that we were vampires, i know that look in his eyes."
"whatever, lets just get back in the car." the went back to the car and continued to drive home.

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