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Am I a truck or robot?
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Re: oh I see

Originally posted by Buffy
but I Noob so still dont understand
storm Trooper can replace but Blaster Rifle can not replace
It was possible to do the stormtrooper because we didn't have to use any Lucasarts files from other games. The armour consists of the standard KOTOR heavy class 9 armour model, and the custom texture that I created from scratch. The helmet model was also a custom job created by Hapslash for JA and ported by bneezy. Then I created a new texture more or less from scratch to make it look better (hopefully) in KOTOR and to match the armour.

To my knowledge no one has made a custom E-11 blaster model, so that means we would end up having to use the JO/JA one. This is against Lucasarts policy, which is why we won't do it.

Originally posted by Buffy
if you make own Blaster Rifle like Storm Trooper Armour then you can replace Totally ? you dont have to use He's convert from JA so
Could you make your own rifle for us ??
thank you
Since I am not a model, no I can't make my own rifle. If someone else were to make a custom E-11 model from scratch, we might consider it. Until that time, unfortunately there won't be a E-11 mod supplied by us for the stormtrooper mod.

If you are really desperate, you can find and download Orsan's converted E-11 mod. It uses the JA model, which is why we don't use it.

Originally posted by maverick187
if you don't mind me asking what line or lines do I need to edit or add in my current appearrence.2da and heads.2da file, in order for them to be compatible with my current .2da files
RedHawke is correct. IIRC there are two lines relating to Sith troopers that were altered. I can't remember the exact names, but I think they were something like sith_trooper_02 (around lines 35-45 or so) and lite_sith_trooper (around line 350?). The lines alter the model and texture entries so that they point to the heavy armour (PMBH or something?). Have a look in there, and if you still can't figure them out PM me and I'll dig out the fines and get the exact locations for you.

I think the heads.2da just adds a new head for the sith trooper replacement.

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