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To save you some work Prime and since those values were fresh in my mind, here are the modifications that need to be brought to appearance.2da if someone wishes to combine this mod with other mods using this file:

Lines to be modified:

line 28 Sith_Soldier_01
line 44 Sith_Soldier_02
line 261 Sith_soldier_03
line 338 Lite_Sith_Soldier

In each of these lines, the following columns were modified:

- normalhead: enter value from heads.2da - value entered 107
- backuphead (if you don't add a value in this column then sith soldeirs will be headless when you wear the armor) - value entered: 107 (corresponding line in heads.2da )
- modela
- texa
- modelb
- texb

- and finally change the cvalue in the race column for Lite_Sith Soldier (line 338) from L_Sith_Soldier to N_SithSoldier or you'll end up with invisible npcs and game crashes when you meet them.

- Heads.2da add a line with the SITHA04 value in the head column - make sure the value you enter in appearance.2da for the head corresponds to this line (in the present mod, value is 107)

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