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oops! thanks!

Originally posted by Darth333

- backuphead (if you don't add a value in this column then sith soldeirs will be headless when you wear the armor) - value entered: 107 (corresponding line in heads.2da )

- and finally change the cvalue in the race column for Lite_Sith Soldier (line 338) from L_Sith_Soldier to N_SithSoldier or you'll end up with invisible npcs and game crashes when you meet them.
Thanks Darth333! I had edited my own .2da but I missed these 2 tid-bits

FYI, my party has completed Taris without these 2 edits and everything worked fine, BUT I didn't have the trooper armor either (just the disguise). Trying not to "sneak" me a suit till I get it legit (I'm guessing the Leviathan)...

Fantastic mod Prime & bneezy, as I commented at PCGM, it took me TWICE as long to get through Taris this time...just admiring the new 'scenery'... mmmmm...eye candy

Yeah, and [fake sarcasm] Thanks [/fake sarcasm] for raising the bar for future mods and I was just getting the hang of it... heh Super mod to all involved in it's creation!

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