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Hey Vostok, if you don't like the "Spelling Whore" then how about a title that shows respect to one of the greatest TV shows ever, Seinfeld. I dub the, "The Spelling Nazi" after "The Soup Nazi".

Oh, and this picture is clearly from ROTS. If you have opened an issue of Insider at all this year, or if you have been to the official site, you would have seen at least one or ten pictures of Mr. Kenobi with that crazy hair cut. Mr. Viceroy, this is not a picture from anywhere but episode Three. You are correct about one thing, this picture was released to increase speculation and to make us all drool.

By the way, who (like myself) is going to go see the “The Incredibles” just to see the Episode Three Trailer on its opening debut?

Go big or go home.
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