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This is a good list, Alegis. Here are some more to add:

  • When mapping keys / mouse-buttons / joystick-buttons in the "Control Setup" to an action that already has a key / mouse-button / joystick-button mapped to it, sometimes the new thing you're trying to map goes in as the second entry, and sometimes as the first entry. This is frustrating when you're trying to keep one of the entries, such as MOUSE BUTTON 1, but also want to map JOYSTICK BUTTON 1 to that action instead of CTRL. This should work by always placing the newly mapped key / mouse-button / joystick-button at the start of the list, pushing the previous first entry to the second spot, and discarding the previous second entry.
  • When mapping keys / mouse-buttons / joystick-buttons in the "Control Setup", if the users presses the ESC key, any changes are accepted, contrary to commonly accepted user-interface principles. Pressing the ESC key should be the same as clicking the CANCEL button..
  • When mapping keys / mouse-buttons / joystick-buttons in the "Control Setup", provide a way to clear out an action's mapping.
  • Provide a way to explicitly assign the mouse axes, as illustrated in the mappings by default. Aside from clicking the "RESET TO DEFAULT" button, I can't find a way to do this.
  • Give the server admin a way of locking everyone's view to either 1st-person-only / 3rd-person-only / or the option for the player to switch freely.

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