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11:30 PM - Day 1


The group stopped on the corner of the block before the safe house, around the corner and across the street the two story red brick house stood.

"Okay," Anthony pointed at two hunters, "Rooftops." Then to another pair, "Wait nearby." To Neovenom, "We're busting in the front door." Anthony grinned.

The two designated for rooftops climbed the fire escape of a nearby apartment building, the two designated to wait outside headed for some nearby remote locations, one to a side alley with a dumpster for cover just in case, the other stood beside the door of the building next door and lit up a smoke. Anthony and Neovenom stood across the street ready to go in. But just then the girage door opened and a car drove out. Anthony could see three people inside the car as it drove away.

"Damn, looks like we'll have to wait for them to get back." Anthony turned to Neovenom, "Let's wait inside shall we?"

Then Anthony took out his radio, "Rooftops, tell me where they're headed."


Vincent drove away with Jokemaster and Charok towards the warehouse five blocks away.

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