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Originally posted by Darth333
Erm...naturally blonde here too...
Huh? Moderators here at swk are closer to 31 than 13
Not so lame: (yeah well perhaps headless on svösh's pic...but not so lame... )
1) Legally doesn't mean naturally, sorry 'bout that. That just means you are cooler now.

2) Some are really young... A SUPER moderator, what ever that means, I won't name any names is 16yrs old according to this thread. I saw a 13 year old moderator here as well as 18. I was just courious. How do you be a moderator period?! I just wanted to know.

3) IMHO Carth is lame. Jean Claude Van Dam Has ripped abs, too and is still lame. He was a huge whiner, too. That silly gun waving animation he did was wussy-like, too. Did you ever notice that Carth was soo much older than Revan. Carth likes the younger ladies. Creepy dude. Bastila and Revan are much closer in age. He should have hooked up with Juhani, at least she is a Knight and a little older. Dustil is going to be a much better character in TSL then his father was in the first one. It wasn't confirmed yet, but a party member looks a lot like him. Darkeside force user with dual blasters in your party sounds like a lot of fun. Traveling to Telos just makes it more believeable, doesn't it?

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