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Unhappy HUD help...Yet Again

ok, im making a new hud, not just a reskin tho, as in a whole new hud, and i figured out how to move it an stuff, but i dont understand is the JKA hud like a model or something? cus the pic used for the hud, no matter how much i edit it and change it, including the alpha channels, the orginal HUD shows up underneath unskinned, and the only parts of my new hud that show up are the bits that cover the original HUD,
if you dont get what i mean, look at these,

thats the HUD ingame, you can see i moved it etc, and also that the original hud shows up even tho the alphachannels tell it not to and my new hud only show where the bits of the old hud are, it doesnt carry on where ice continued to edit it, an i kno its lookin tacky at the minute lol, im just tryin to figure this out first lol.

also heres my hudleft.tga in .jpg to show that the old HUD is non existant.

please someone say they can help me,

thanx Bael

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