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PLEASE make server/MP fixes a PRIORITY

Let's see...

Join a game, get a "server full" message....have to ctrl-alt-del to restart

Join a game, play 2-3 minutes...get a critical battlefield.exe error

Try to join a game, double-click or highlight and hit join...get a lovely annoying "buzz" telling me I have to AGAIN throw the 3 fingered salute to restart

Let alone the clunky MP server screen, no way to vote out/kick out TKers, pitifully limited server options....and using GAMESPY???

LA, I really hope you take a DEEP look at this thread:

C'mon - there are games 2-3 YEARS old with better MP features than SWBF...

Love your game - or what your game SHOULD be, not the beta we got sold...
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