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Originally posted by grep
Spawn rapin' has been increasingly growing in alot of the public servers lately and it was bound to happen. One bad thing about not being able to cap a point while in a vehicle. Someone could literally just sit there and kill all day long without capping.

The devs really need to take a look at vehicle damage as well.. In my opinion, its way too tough for infantry to take out a vehicle and even when you're in a vehicle, the amount of damage that you can take and dish out goes on for way too long.

I hope future patches address this as it sometimes does ruin a good game. I've seen games literally last 1-2 minutes because of situations like this. no fun in that...
This is why my favourite maps are all light to no vehicles.
On the editing forum we have someone who has removed flight restrictions on all the maps and expanded it all for more vehicle-centric combat- To me there is too much going on with the vehicles. You can be a pilot, grab a hover tank or walker or whatever and just cause havok for a long damn time with the way vehicles are now-
I want all my maps re-built so that they are all city type maps with no // very little vehicle support.

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