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11:35 PM - Day 1


Anthony continued walking while looking at Neovenom, "Ya but there's no one there. Destroying the tape is just something we'll have to do while we wait." When they had crossed the street Anthony stopped and waited for Neovenom to catch up, "We're not going to reveal that we're werewolves, and they've never seen us before and arn't likely to see us again. Plus the police have no records of us because none of us have a criminal record."

Anthony walked around the side of the building and broke a window with his elbow, "After you."


Vincent stopped the car and got out, a pair of men in brown trench coats were waiting for them at the door to a warehouse.

"Right on time," One of the men said stepping forward, "Follow me and we will show you the scene of the crime."

There was yellow tape blocking off a section of the building, the five men ducked under it to examine the crime scene. A large iron door had been cut open and the room inside was empty.

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