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Red: One word, bull.

I'm not angry but think about this.

Hal is holding a sword with both hands in a gaurd position, he's just holding it. The hilt is roughly at waist level and the blade is pointed foward about 30 degrees from straight up.

Now don't get me wrong, the Halbard is one bitch of a weapon but its best used against cavaly, its an axe-hook-spear. So if Tank man is just swing the weapon the best he could hope for is to knock Hal's weapon out of the way, which is no good as Hal would just drop his blade, disgage and stab the guy. Fair enough it wouldn't hurt tank man but he's look an idiot.

The only way I can see to disarm a swordsman with a Halbard is get the hook under the quillions and sort of leaver upwards, which probably wouldn't work unless you managed to slice the his fingers off.

Admiral may correct me but is seems like a cheaper shot the the one I pulled last wednesday during fencing when I just hit the guy's blade and then poked him in the chest.

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