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Well, the idea was the if Hal tried to hold on to his sword his hands/wrists would have broken.

I agree with everything else. Really what I did was a cheat because you left till Wednesday. And it was an extremely cheap move. My thinking was that Hal would have parried rather than simply dropping his weapon, thinking "WTF is he doing?" since Hal does seem to like making his opponents look like idiots.

If you want, I can edit, and have Hal simply drop his weapon, because that takes care of keeping him occupied. He probably would've gotten shot with a spell like Sir-vin while picking up his weapon [tracer spells, which is how the second try hit Idun, and hit Sir-vin], but if you think that makes him look like less of a prat, I'll do that.

Deac: Ahhh, alright.

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