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Halberd are generally most effective against calvary since they have a very long reach to them. THis poses a problem for a swordsman since they have to get under the halberd to be effective. The more skilled on is with a halberd the harder it is for a swordsmen to get under the weapon*.

Now disarming an opponet is usually not done simply by hitting weapons against each other (unless one party has a very lax grip). The disarmer has to pin his opponents weapon and generally wrench it from their grasp. (simple explanation btw, don't feel like going into details)

A little bit about Halberds/polearms. There are some design with a hook in them allowing for trapping of an oppenets weapon. Rather effective and deadly.

Rules on parrying with a sword:
1st rule: If you given a choice between doding and parrying you dodge. No need to hurt the weapon.

2nd: Parry with the flat side of the blade if absolutely required.

*Under the weapon: Based the head of the halberd where the blade is and to a range close enough to use a sword with any effect.

Red by dropping his weapon, BD means lowering the blade. Putting it back in the ready position is something that takes a second. I should also note that dropping the blade is usually done to as part of a fient in an attack. EX: Heimdall takes an slashing swing over his head aimed at a Sith head. He then drops the blade mid swing and attacks the legs.

BD: Since you said quillins I take it BD's blade has a compound/complex hilt and not just a simple cross guard?

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