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Hi yall,

I've been playing now for two weeks or so and had lots of fun everytime I played... until now.

Today some M!ister decided to stand in my way. I tried to move and he just kept standing in front of me on purpose. I moved again and tried to shoot an enemy and hit him (didn't kill him, just one shot). He killed me right away and for the next two hours shot me dead every time he saw me.
He changed teams every game, to be on my side, and shot me over and over. This ofcourse made me quite angry (It's not a lot of fun is it, when you get killed over and over again by a teammate). After the first 5 times I realised he wouldn't quit and I had a thought.
I decided not to shoot him back (I hadn't since the first shot decribed above), since that would only result in a bigger, no fun fight for the rest of the team. In the end he shot me about 50 times (mabye more).
Then one moment I had enough and decided to annoy the hell out of him, without shooting him. I just stood in front of him so he couldn't play. He threw granates, killing us both manny times and he shot me dead over and over again. But the spanpoint was nearby and I found him again and again. He couldn't play the game with me in his face, all he could do is kill me (us) over and over again. In the end he stopped and tried to get away from me. I did not budge until the game finished. The next game he'd left.

I wanna ask if anyone has been through the same and what did they do? I'm not proud of harrassing a teammate, but I just couldn't play properly (because he killed me so often). I'm proud not to have resorted to the same tactics, but from the three hours play, two where no fun at all. Next time I hope to end it quicker, but I will not be chased away by such a person.
What do you think? Any suggestions?

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