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(Out of Character: I'm confused with your post Curt-Man. The Civic is no where near the gun store, but everyone makes mistakes. I accidentaly typed that Arcon, Shadow, Beth, and Jokemaster were truck instead on car. Sorry people. Anyways, Curt-Man...have it so that Rogue's still behind one of the police cars on the highway.)

"The exit ramp is just ahead." said Arcon while he ducks, answering Jokemaster's question. "...but that doesn't mean we're safe." Looking at the rear view mirror, Arcon can still see the Civic and one police car remaining. Shadow sticks out his hand and fires blindly at the Civic. He also then ducks. "Damn it! I can't lose them." The Civic rams the car back bumper. Bullets flare towards the front windshield and causes it to break. Arcon shields himself with one arm as he struggles to exit the ramp. Tepe's bullets hit the officer on the passenger side of the Police car he can see.

Meanwhile, NeoVenom, Zaphire and the others travelled for about 5 minutes and made it to the phone that Radar told NeoVenom about. It starts to ring. 'You first." NeoVenom said to Zaphire. She picks up the phone and places it next to her ear. Moments later, Zaphire phases away and the phone drops down. NeoVenom hangs up the phone. When the phone rang again, Wire picks of the phone...followed by Nekro. With a sign, NeoVenom hangs up the phone once more and it begins to ring.

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