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In Anoat City, when you get to that walkway part outside, before you return to the four switch room, I definitely heard a dianoga roaring and whatnot, but there wasn't one in the water....and the sound from the interrogation droids can be heard from quite a long way away. That may be built into the game, I don't know. Oh, and in Talay and Anoat, when I looked at the water pouring out of pipes and stuff, I got this weird effect. The water would lighten the stuff behind it, so even though the rest of water coming out was dark, the water with the pipe behind it was light purple (well, purple in Talay). Sorry if you don't understand what I'm saying, it's kind of odd; I have several screenshots, but no host.

Anyway, I also noticed that at some times when I had my Bryar fully charged and crouched or recovered from a landing, there would be a brief flash of that muzzle effect from JO you got when you charged the blaster....pretty interesting. And I'm assuming there is something about the awnings in Talay that makes them opaque from only one side? because if you go under them, they become transparent. Also in Talay, there is a crashed Dark Trooper pod in a building that looks opaque but that you can walk through. Lastly, there isn't a throwing animation for the thermal detonator. I can kind of understand if it is not possible to make one in SP, as there basically wasn't such an animation in JO/JA anyway, but I'm just throwing it out there.

I know it sounds like a lot, but I guess I'm just someone who checks/makes a note of everything. The demo really was great! I loved the music, it really helped bring back that nostalgic feeling.

P.S. I also realize that these don't really affect the gameplay at all, so if they belong somewhere else (like in a different thread) then please let me know.

Okay, for brevity's sake:

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