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Admiral: No, simple crossgaurd. Its just a straight bar with some engraving and the trademark wolf's heads.

As to what I meant, Hal lowers his blade, causing the Halbard to pass through the air, then, before the guy can get the weapon back across he steps foward and lunges, aiming roughly at the midsection.

Red: The Halbard is not really a great weapon for one guy on his own. You can't use it in a close packed situation and if you fail to engage your enemy's blade you have to be able to bring that six foot pole back across fast to block his repost.

As to breaking anyone's hands thats more rubbish, any swordsman knows that have to keep a firmt but relaxed grip. The blade is held firmly but your wrist has to be able to take the impact of a blow, if you lock your arm up you will break something, you'll aslo end up with very bad cramp

As always, if I am wrong I bow to Admiral's greater knowlegde of individual combat. I know how to use the men who know how to use the weapons.

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