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Here's a couple issues I noticed right away. Keep in mind that I haven't played these levels through in a very long time, and actually had to solve the puzzles and figure out where to go. Also, this list includes not just bugs but random thoughts.

Looked okay to me. I couldn't find the secret where you have to jump through that black area and then you come to the hidden area with the interregation droids and whatnot. But I think I just didn't remember where it was.

- In the "river" you could see little cracks in the water where it went around bends
- I noticed that several lines were recorded regarding finding the generator and getting across the bridge. Spending a lot of time just exploring and trying to remember exactly what I had to do and where I had to go, it got very annoying hearing those things over and over again. Every time I went up to where you have to go across the bridge, Kyle would say something to the effect of "I've got to get across that bridge somehow, the manual control room must be around here somewhere." When you first go there, you don't SEE the bridge because it's on the other side, if I recall. I was trying to figure out where this bridge was that he was talking about and every time I entered the area (including when swimming around in the water), he said that over and over again. Is there some way to limit the number of times he says this, and to clarify the dialog a bit maybe?
- On some of the doors, it's not immediately obvious where the button is that you have to press. I'm talking about the bottons that are a part of the tall panels right next the doors. Just by looking at it, you're not immediately sure what part of that panel is the actual button, and you can only tell by the litle "Hand" icon. Why not make the whole side panel the button, not just the one small section of it?

- In Anoat, there was that large outdoor area. You hear a what sounds like a dianoga but there are none in the area.
- If you go swimming in that area, it behaves more like you're walking underwater than actually swimming. Maybe I just didn't venture far enough out.
- In the original, I seem to remember dianogas popping their eye up, and then a few seconds later appearing out of nowhere to surprise you. Now it's basically just an eye that swims at you...not a huge deal but it's something to consider changing.
- In the cool new "boss" room at the end of Anoat, I found that very easy. You can hide in a way that only 1-2 of the turrets can see you at a time. So you just hide, pick them off one at a time with the Stormtrooper rifle, and it really isn't that much of an issue. I would suggest either adding more turrets that open up in stages, or make it harder to hide or something along those lines.
- At the very beginning of Anoat, I don't REMEMBER there being an immediate objective. I might have missed it. Also after only a few seconds, I hit a checkpoint. Not sure what's up with that.

- The remotes seem to take too many hits. 1, maybe 2 should be all with the blasters. Otherwise they're just annoying.
- Would it be possible to use slightly less compression in the pre-rendered cutscenes? I know there's a filesize concern, but there was a LOT of pixelation there.
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