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(Out of Character: I noticed in one of my previous posts, I accidentaly typed that Zaphire was in the same car as Arcon. Ignore that. I erased it anyways.)


The Civic swerves around dodging the bullets once more. "I don't know." Arcon said to Beth. Rogue could hear a tire pop and a flapping noise, indicating that the vehicle he is on has a flat. Tepe had a hard time keeping up with the others due to the oncoming cars and crashes.

Back at the building Rufio is at, the security officer reaches for the door knob and opens it. Meanwhile, NeoVenom reaches for the receiver of the phone and he phases away.

NeoVenom could feel the plug being pulled out of his head while he opens his eyes. He looks around and she Zaphire massaging the back of her neck, and Wire looking at him. He can also see that Arcon, Shadow, and Tepe are still jacked in the Matrix. Back at the Zeus, Pulse sits up from his seat and see that Nekro is also sitting up from his seat.

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