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BD: Remember that a body can only take so much before something gives (aka bones breaking).

More on Halberd fighting. Keep in mind that every part of a medieval weapon had a use in hurting your oppenent. Halberds, Polearms, spears are sometimes designed with a spike on the butt of the weapon. Allowing for the weapon to be ramed down on the foot of an opponet.

As in one on one combat the Halberd definetly stands on it's own. One can argue that a Halberd has the advantage over a sword especially in skilled hands.

Given the sparse facts on the fight I would say Red's character had a very good chance to defeat Hal.

I will also note that this isn't a very important occurance and really isn't worth getting to angry over.

*Side Note*

Once this scene with Tanara is over I plan on doing another time skip to the feast. This will be where the group can ask any questions about the coming battle.

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