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I'll have to run through it a second time to be sure, but during the "Kyle and Mon Mothma" cutscene the sound got really crackling (nothing wrong with my speakers that I could tell) and then the sound cut out entirely for the remainder of the scene. Talay then crashed after a couple of seconds.

I cheated to start on Talay and am playing the Sewers now. Once I beat it I'll warp through again to see if it still makes the same problem. I did notice that I had audio quality set on Low (no EAX) before, if that matters.

I have a Soundblaster Live! soundcard.

The rest of the stuff aren't really bugs, just suggestions. The Dianogas need to be scarier and stealthier. Right now they are just funny goofy little guys who punch you with their eye stalks. Didn't have big TEETH in the original game? I can't tell here. If those were improved that could really enhance the experience.

That map thing is just teasing me! I hope there's a way to add it someday...

Also we need coop support (MP Weapons > SP Weapons)... ; )

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