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In the Secret Base:
-There is the one secret retractable wall that leads to the Emperor's hologram area. Because this wall has a lip that sticks out at the very top, it's possible to get a stormtrooper caught in there. If that happens you'll never be able to retract the wall far enough again to cross, because it just keeps hitting the trooper's head and kindly going back up instead of doing the smart thing and crushing him to death.
The only reason this happens is because the trooper is hugging the wall trying to reach the waypoint on the other side.

-The secret area under the elevator while on the way to the basement has no prizes. Even if it does, the whole corner there is pitch-black so you couldn't see them anyway.

-It's possible to screw up the "press Use to finish this level" bit at the end. I expected an instant response rather than a delay, so I ended up pressing it several times and walking away from the area hoping to trigger something.

In Talay:
-The cutscene preceding Talay has a couple problems. First, the Dark Trooper loading sequence animates much faster than the sound track. And secondly, the audio starts to crack up randomly just as soon as the distress signal is finished playing. It recovers, but sometimes it takes longer to do so than other times.

-It's a little hard to tell that the wall panel switches in Talay are, in fact, switches. I got stuck for a while until I figured it out.

In Anoat:
-You can hear the Torture Droids from quite a ways away in Anoat, which kind of lends to a little paranoia after a while.

-There are no Objectives specified in Anoat.

-This is just a nit-pick, but if the Crow is landed with its' gears down in Talay, why is it floating in mid-air in Anoat?

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