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(Sorry dad was in Hospital and he still is so yeah he is having some stuff done on his heart sry I didnt reply sooner.)

-While on the ship before we was dropped off put on some commenor type clothing but still wore a cloth mask and has his lightsaber hidden-

-Walks to the near by Cantina and goes up to the bar-

"Have you seen any Sith here lately I want to know where to sign up."

-The bartender looks at Jedash funny. He doesn't anwser bu keeps cleaning the glass he was cleaning. Then sets it down-

"Yeah I have..Lady Jen was just here she took off not to long ago , I think she problely went to a near by planet, perhaps Geonosis"

"Thanks" Jedash said emotionless

-Walks outside the cantina and pulls out his Comm Link-

"The Sith took off from here, I believe she has taken off to Geonosis"Jedash says on Comm Link
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