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Anoat bugs

I love the game. Tak Base is especially spectacular. Anoat, however, as fun as it is, has 2 issues that I haven't seen mentioned yet.

The first is fairly minor. When you move into the big sewage room with the grinders, then from there take the sewage lift up, if you flip the lift switch twice before the lift moves up, it will remain locked up, requiring the noclip code to complete the level. A simple delay trigger on the switch or reset position on the sewage lift would probably fix that.

The other issue is the painful framerate drops that occur in Anoat. Some sewage areas (I can't remember which areas exactly, although I'll get a list if you need it) cause an amazing framerate drop when the player is anywhere above that patch of liquid sewage. There are also some framerate drops involving lifts (the 2nd to last lift on the gate 1 path and the lift in the last sewage area of the map before MR's stronghold). Finally, jumping and occastionally crouching in this level seems to come with a framerate hit as well.
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