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I didn't?


5) Gray Armor Being: Basically a tank. Blasters, lightsaber useless. Slower than the others, though.
Hm, oops.

A few details, while we're on the subject, and because I can:

Tank Man [Trern] has to be super-strong already just to wear the armor. The armor itself is made of dense material of a sort normally worn in a thin sheet. Blades and Shadows both incorporate this material in their suits, but they don't use more than that standard thin sheet. You need extensive training just to use a full suit of THAT efficiently; it's very stiff. Trern's armor is made up of many, many layers of this material. Anyone without strength enhancements already wouldn't be able to move in it. So actually his strength is being lessened (but still far greater than a normal being) but on the other hand he's protected enough that he won't break his OWN hands hitting something at full strength - something like the truck I mentioned. Plus, obviously enemies are going to have a difficult time getting through all those layers.

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