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I have a rather large bug to report...

I cant play the mod on my mac.

I hae installed it the mac way (putting the Dark Forces folder inside the "Jedi Academy" folder inside "Application Support") and although the mod loads well, I see the splash screen and the usual Jedi Academy screen becomes green, but after I select new game I cant get any further.
The buttons for selecting skill level (Padawan, Jedi, etc) are missing, as if the typeface is missing.
I can still click on the empty area, and get to the brieffing/loading screen, here everything stops for me
I can hear teh voice, but I cannot see any text or click anywhere. I have found two "active areas" areas that turn red as I hover over them, but click there has no effect.

here are two pics of it in action:

Anyone know what to do with this ?

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