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((JoJo, you can't put on a clone trooper suit, you've already got a Sith disguise on! Not to mention, YOU'RE NOT A CLOEN TROOPER! You're just helping us! Ok? )

((Oh, and Reclaimer, you're not on my ship. Remember you said we'd take seperate ships?))

"Thanks for the help, Jedash," 411 said as the Jedi climbed onto the ship. He gave the order to lift off and programmed Geonosis into the ship's flight computer.

Once they were out of the planet's orbit, 411 stood up and turned to two of the troopers. "Alpha 420 and 791, go check the cargo holds and make sure we have the...secret weapon on board."
Even though 411 knew no enemies of the Republic were on the ship, he used the code-word anyway, to be safe.

Alpha 420 and 791 clicked through the halls. "I think this mission sounds dangerous, don't you?" said 420 through his helmet voice filters. ((Just think of two stormtroopers talking in JA, and you'll get a good idea of how it sounds ))
"Yeah, and I heard we're after some Sith, too."
"The last thing I want to deal with today is a Sith."
"Yeah, I heard Jedash call 'em Dark Force users or somethin'> What is this 'force' thing anyway?"
"Sounds like a load of-"

Suddenly, 791 spotted a figure dart across the corridor. He held up a hand and 420 stopped talking instantly.
791 switched to com, so no-one but 420 could pick it up in his helmet speaker. "What the hell was that?"
"I don't know, but-GARGH!" 420 clattered to the ground and slid across the floor. 720 spun. The figure had materialized right in front of him, and he was holding a red lightsaber.
"MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN! I NEED BACKUP!" 720 screamed into his comlink, raising his Kaminoan repeater rifle and opening fire. The glowing blue bullets bounced off of the red saber and pinged into the hull. 720 faintly heard "I read you! Where are-" the voice went silent to 720's ears.
The red saber flashed. 720's helmet rolled across the floor. His body clattered to the floor a moment later, his repeater clanking to the ground.

((Sorry for the bit of character control joke ))


Alpha 411 swore. "Respond, 720! Do you read me? What's your status?"
"Dammit! I want this entire ship searched! Move!" 411 ordered, unholstering his repeater and sprinting down the hall.

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