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Commandos : Men of Courage

Ok set on the game but we are a different squad. It consists of the same as the game-

A Green Beret, A Demolition Expert, A skilled Driver, A Theif, A diver(My favourite in the game. Can you wonder why? ) ,a spy, A sniper and a female character who is a seductress. I will be the Green Beret the leader. All of us have are in England either born there or travelled there. If not enough people join I will have a 2nd or 3rd character. The spy can speak all languages the rest only German.



My char:

Name: Robert Sanchez
Age: 30
Job: Green Beret
Nationality: Has a Italian father Australian mother. Born in Australia.
Skills: Can lift heavy objects. Can knock out a enemy with a single blow. Can speak German.
Equipment: Handgun, Army Knife, Rope and gags for enemies.


Robert was sitting in the English Army Base breifing room waiting for their next mission.

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