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Arc Musea

H'lena: Actually, we were promised no such thing, remember? We think that's what they'll do. We really don't know. We really don't know if they can save us. *She glares at K'Warra* What, exactly, were you thinking when you tried this? Why did you care if Shunaria gained immortality?

K'Warra: Hey. If you idiots hadn't ruined my spell, destroyed the Soul Gem, got the Avatars eaten and dethroned 'Queen Elizabeth', Shunaria would be long dead by now. Nice work there. If you're going to blame anyone for this, blame yourselves.

Rwos: Well, now we know why we were chosen...the Aeges cannot act here. That's why they needed us to do this. Hells! We must be missing something here. We couldn't be sent here just to die! Flax, you're right, the Aeges couldn't have taken us out of such vastly separated and interlocked time streams if we weren't going to survive. We need to be returned in our proper timelines, or we will not exist. We have to be missing something!

*The blue Twi'lek Jedi in the corner suddenly speaks up*

A'melie: Reletha Darkstar.

Rwos: What?

A'melie: We were told that Shunaria was her master. She said her master forbade her from allowing anyone through that portal on Ulna Shardes...that portal we took to the castle Shunaria had deserted and found that crazed gargoyle...*She looks at K'Warra*...ghost of him. *K'Warra raises his brows*

H'lena: You're right...why did Shunaria care whether or not someone could get in his castle? He wasn't using it...would never need to return to it...and certainly he wouldn't care whether someone released K'Warra - who got out anyway...

Rwos: That's it!

K'Warra: That's what?

*Rwos turns to the woman* How does the Arc work? Where did it come from? How does it kill?

*The woman sighs*

Woman: Creatures from another world brought it here. I do not know what happened to them, but my ancestors believed the Arc killed them. My ancestor, Recan Veldimos, found their ancient skyship in the middle of a jungle, and meddled where he did not belong. He took the Arc, and the Arc took him. It was only as small as a ring, then, but it went into its mind and changed him, and his descendants, forever. He used it deathly power to gain great riches and power. He assassinated the King of his country and took his place. The Arc grew ever-larger with each use. The larger it grew, the less my ancestor could control it. Finally he stopped using it. He took a wife, and their children grew to be adults before his kingdom was attacked by another army from a land far away and much more powerful than ours. Our armies met on the desert battlefield of Wekeji. Our army stood no chance.

K'Warra: If we could hurry this story along? Shunaria may finish eating the armies and innocent civilians out there any minute now.

Woman: Recan took the Arc, against the advice of his wife and children, and journeyed to the battlefield. When he reached it, our army had already broken and fled. Their pursures chased them relentlessly, running them into the ground. In a rage, Recan activated the Arc. He was unable to control its power. Every single living thing forleagues and leagues was destroyed. The magically erected mountains on the very borders of the desert were leveled. Everything died in a flash, in only seconds. The only survivors were Recan Veldimos himself and his children. His wife died along with the others. In grief, Recan went back to the place of his birth - here - and killed himself. His remaining subjects built this city to honor him. His descendants left for lands distant...except for my ancestors...and me. *She looks at her daughter* My child does not have the proper blood to be protected from the Arc. It is diluted by too much magic. *She closes her eyes* Yes, I have stayed here, and now I must kill all whom I love.


Town Outskirts

*A red, metallic streak rushes over Talon's head, carrying a bright flame with it. Shunaria, smashing a few houses, dives past the town borders. It is distracted by Davin's flame, much brighter than the one the winged being had carried*

Shunaria: <FOOLS! You shall all die painfully!>

*It lunges its immense head down for Davin*

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