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How I added Helpers to Revans Cutscene model:

Ok before I begin I want you to look at 2 pics of models in gmax. The first is of Carth's defualt clothes. Notice the blue boxes, these are helpers/dummy nodes. These can control how the model acts in-game. You can in the pic that Carth has quite a few helpers there in front of the model.

Now look at the second pic of Revans in-game stunt model and you can see that this model does not have as many helpers as carths the reason for this is pretty evident. This model was not intended to be use for anything more than the STUNT scene. But as I have said before we are modders and if theres away to do something someone will figure it out.

The proccess of adding helpers is fairly easy once you know what to do, but should be set up precisely to match the inimation. We'll Start with the camerahook.

camerahook: If you have ever used the Revans cutscene Robes or the ones Im useing for this little tutorial, you will have noticed that when in combat the entire screen moves moves with the player. We don't really want this. So the Camerahook is added to prevent this from happening.So what you need to do is instead of creating and new helper it is more efficient to simply clone one that is there. so the one you want to clone is cutscenedummy. To do this switch to the move and select tool and select the node
cutscenedummy hold shift and drag it along the y axis and drop it. now a clone options pop up box will appear this is where you will rename this helper to camerahook(this must be exact)

Now with the move and select tool still in use and your new helper selected you want to move it to the correct position. So all you have to do is simply type or paste each coord into the proper axis and you can move onto the next helper. After that you can export your edited model with the new base helpers (DO NOT reset xform or hit fast linker or use the linking tool. By copying the helper from cutscenedummy you new helper will automatically
be linked with the Aurora base.)

Here is the list of the coords for the 7 helpers that you need to add for any PC model to function properly. when your done your helper layout should look just like carths:

camerahook x0.029 y2.068 z163.392

LightsaberHook x-0.374 y75.772 z199.984

DeflectHook x-0.389 y47.311 z200.109

headconjure x-25.554 y21.339 z201.345

impact_bolt x4.01 y41.603 z131.62

handconjure x-6.904 y89.101 z127.381

FreeLookHook x0.0 y12.0 z163.5

Now the second Part of this how I made Revans cape and belt dissapear. It's nothing fancy but in order to keep the model from turning into a monster Instead of deleting the cape
I simply added an AuroraTrimesh to the Cape skin and unticked render.

Then I hid the cape in the scene and adjusted the the part that was attatched to the cape. I repeated the same steps
for the belt aswell. Once I was happy with the changes I exported export the model.
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