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Originally posted by Tnarg
just registered to post because of this demo... damn, nice work.
Heh... thanks

Originally posted by Tnarg In the sewers map... I'm not sure where it is exactly, but there is a section where you are walking along a series of catwalks and there is a bunch of grans with grenads... well, one of these catwalks hangs of a pit and I accidently fell into said pit.

rather then dying like i should have, I kept getting hit with something, either there was a creature in the pit or a damage trigger was added so you die before you hit the bottom as you fall, but i hit the bottom and rather then taking damage, my health went up rather raidly to 999, it still showed the red marker thing on screen indicating i was taking damage, but my health was going up really REALLY fast.
Well, you died. But instead of landing in heaven, you fell down into hell.
The eternal damage pit

Dark Forces MOD for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

DFMOD Demo for JA released !!!
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