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Originally posted by Delmar
I'm unable to even get past Mon Mothman's initial briefing since all text and menu items seem to be "invisible." I can highlight the two items in the left hand bottom corner but clicking does nothing. Even the ESC key doesn't do anything. I have to bring up Task Manager to close out...

Looks just like Sono's Mac issue; except that I'm using XP!!!

That is what will happen if you do not load the MOD using the shortcut provided by the installer. You cannot load the mod by launching JA by itself then going to MODS in settings and launching it there otherwise you will get the menu issue. The game must be launched using the 'set +fs_game Dark' (I think that's it, I'm not at home to check) command because of settings needed in some configuration files. If you load the mod after starting JA, the configuation files use JA's default config settings and not our modified ones needed to get the menu's, and other game settings, working. That was the whole reason and purpose of having an installer rather than just releasing the .pk3s.

That is also why we don't officially support the Mac. I'm not sure how or if the set +fs_game setting works on a Mac but if you could find a way to launch the demo using that or an equivalent command it might work. If any Mac users have gotten the Mod to work please let us know! We have one team member who uses a Mac and I know he would love to play the demo on it!
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