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(Out of Character: Can you please delete the post then Jokemaster? Also, can all out of character comments go on the discussion thread from now on. Thankz. If it'z confusing, please tell me what'z confusing. Maybe the amount of characters makes the RPG confusing. I'll post on the highway when Rogue replies.)

Rufio looks over his shoulder and sees the door being opened. He quickly grabs the suitcase in which the sniper rifle was in and jumps off the edge of the roof with the sniper rifle still clutched in his hand. The Security officer opens the door and looks around. He then closes the door behind him. Rufio lands on a couple of garbage bags and keeps up without hesitation. Taking out the cell, he marks a bunch of numbers on it and puts it next to his ear. "Operator..." Thatch voice says. "I need an exit and fast. I did all I can to help the others. Only fate will tell now."

Inside the subway station, Agent Thompson comes across the payphone that NeoVenom last use. Seeing the receiver slowly swinging, Agent Thompson puts his right hand next to his ear. Miles away an elderly woman morphs into Agent Thompson. He takes out his desert eagle as he waits for the car that Arcon, Shadow, Wire, and Jokemaster are in to appear.

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