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*Both Talon and WH Irvine run in opposite directions away from Shunaria.

Davin's eyes glow bright at Shunaria's threat. The flame that surrounded him flares up and explodes as he in his new form leaps up agenst Shunaria. His new form consists of him being a large dragon himself, not even remotely as large as Shunaria. His shape wasn't a long dragon either, but one that had bulked arms, and stood on his legs.

He grabs onto Shunaria's jaws. Using Shunaria's momentum, Davin pushes himself off to a side and rockets up in the air.

At this moment Talon races back and slashes at the side of Shunaria with the two swords, creating another explosion.

WH Irvine in a decent spot for cover, he pulls out his signature Lightsword. He narrows his eyes as he ignites it. After that he closes his eyes and lowers his head, taking a deep breath. Then he opens his eyes real quick with a face of determination as a white-ish aura forms around him.

He smiles as he knows that he isn't as powerful as before, but it was something.

He bolts out of his cover and back onto the street, at this time Talon has struck oonce again, and Davin was attempting to scorch Shunaria with white-hot flames from his mouth.

WH Irvine runs for a bit, then sort of springs himself into the air...*

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