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Arc Musea

Rwos: But what is the Arc? And how does it work? Surely---

*The woman sighs again*

Woman: Once I remove the Arc from its prison, its effects will take place instantly. It is in this prison because it can no longer be completely shut down. I will only be able to increase its killing field, or bring it back to a smaller killing field. But all beings without powerful protection will die in the space of an instant. Within minutes, or seconds, everyone would be dead and all magic would be gone.

Trael: The Arc is a machine...a machine designed to destroy all life.

*H'lena and Rwos whirl, startled. Trael is hovering in the Arc Musea's entrance. He is holding the burning Phoenix Gate*

Trael: I have studied the Deadlands. The power there dissolves magic and literally suppresses the life force. It is a power that could only be generated by a machine. *He looks behind him* Shunaria comes quickly. I would advise that we leave. Speak quickly, Rwos.

Rwos: Shunaria's castle was cut off from the outside world. It was on a separate plane altogether. We use the Phoenix Gate to drag Shunaria there - and we can use the Arc without killing an entire continent.

H'lena: How would we survive this? How will we avoid killing the entire worlds that Shunaria has eaten?

Rwos: We only need to use the Arc for a few minutes. It dissolves magic before dissolving life force, right? We activate the Arc. H'lena, K'Warra, you create magic shields for as long as you can. *He looks at the Nalas* They can help to, if they want to live. We use the portals of Shunaria's castle to escape.

Trael: Perhaps a feasible idea. If Shunaria is fatally wounded while under the influence of the Arc's power, he would be unable to recover, and those he has devoured would be released. However, you risk destroying the beings he has already swallowed if the Arc is active for even seconds too long. Not to mention that the risks to anyone present are extreme.

*But hope ignites in the woman's eyes*

Woman: Another world...take the Arc to another world? This is possible?

Rwos: With the Phoenix Gate...yes.


Town Outskirts

*Shunaria swallows the flames Davin bellows at him. He tries to snap his jaws on Davin, but is distracted by Talon*

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