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A Bounty's Profit

Here is where we are all bounty hunters. Be creative with your character. Don't just use... Blaster Rifle. Human. Boring. Think of diffrent things. Include the following things in your bio:

Name, Species, Apperance, Weapons, Bio, and anything else you see fit.

Name: Queldoras Wiles
Species: Unknown
Appearance: Twelve long, strecthy limbs. He walks on two and uses the others to fight. He has fixed sharp, impaling spikes on the end. Rows of sharp teeth line his mouth.
Weapons: His own long, mulitiple, extendable arms with spikes fixed into them. He also has long teeth that he
Bio: A group of adventurers found Queldoras on a world outside our galaxy. They brought him and another back, hoping them to reproduce and grow and they would become rich. Queldoras killed his mate... And the adventurers. He soon became familiar with flying a ship. He landed on an outer rim world, and destoryed the spaceport. Exausted from using his own raw power, Queldoras decided to settle down and become a bounty hunter. He quickly became the best... And destoryed anyone who disagreed.

Quelodoras checked his datapad. "Good," he thought. "The new mission is finally here..." He walked down the streets of Lower Corusant. Some people almost puked when they saw him, and others ran. But ALL gave hi a wide berth.

Either they didn't know it, or they chose to ignore it, but Lower Corusant was the bounty capital of the world. And he ran it all. He smiled gleefully. Someone had a grudge against a Jedi, and the protocal was send it to Corusant first. No one broke the rules after the first few "lawbreakers" were put to justice. He examined the report carefully. The Jedi was now on Dantooine. She was a Zabrak, so he would have to be careful. He posted the notice on the board, but he was careful to put it somewhere where it wasn't obvious. He wanted this one to himself.

Run from me, Hide from me,
Hear my Tomphson singing,
Son of Freedom's family,
Death to you is bringing.

--Sig made by insanesith. Thanks man!
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