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Originally posted by Sono
What do I know? im a supid mac user that can only handle double click applications with my one button mouse

No really, where do I type/place that line typing it in the console wont do, it says that jasp is an unkown command
Sono....gotta question for ya'

How well do you know mac os? Do you know it well enough to create batch files for it?

The only reason I ask is that I created a batch file on my PC and tried it out and it is possible that you could create a simple batch file that will allow you to run the mod as if it was the shortcut itself.

I am still seeing if it possible to create a batch file in the mac os itself but I thought I would run that by you and see what you think

Any more info such as Mac os version you have would be helpful if would either PM or reply to the post so that I could do some research on this perticular problem that you are having and try to help ya out more if I can.
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