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That's a very nice demo, really. Remember me my young time!
OK that's all for the complimentary... No just kidding, but I rather like to give feedback about bugs I found.
I didn't finish the demo, blocked in ANOAT, I have to remember what to do.

But, especially in Talay - after the massacre, the ghost of the stormtroopers are continueing speaking when they make one with the Force.

My configuration: XP2500+, 1GB Ram, GF4200, SBLive! 1024 or 5.1 don't remember, and EAX enabled.
So when I kill talking stormtrooper, they continue to speak.
On the other hand :
- I will agree with the others concerning the dianoga: it should be more stealthy, if it is possible: it is too easy to shoot at from far away.
- The enemies are dumb or I am very good (no, I don't think ): on a pair of stormies shoot one, the other didn't even react or 3 hours later... OK, this point is Artificial Intelligence and is the hell to set properly if possible.

Now the worst: really good work guys! Especially when we know that you are less than 10 persons working on it, and for free! Hope I can help one day...
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