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Name: Jan Solo (LOL i'm same with EDJ)
Species:Physically-Enhanced Human
Appereance: Always wears black (red tinted) Armor from the shoulders down, Black hair (with red stripe), blue eyes, clean-shaven. Has a visor on his face.
Weapons: Wookies Claws (like iron knuckles), Arm Cannon, Double vibro-blades and Thermal/night vision visor.
Bio:I was taken when I was 5 and tested on by the Imperials. they truned me into a monster...I could'nt go to school. I looked like a freak...It wasn't untill i was ten that they made me look like a human again. But i had un-thinkable power. With all my strength I could pull down a At-St. I attacked the Imperial scientists...I beat them untill they dead (did'nt take to long). I escaped...I am now on the run.

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