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Re: Getting Impatient.... come on StarWarsPhreak

Originally posted by knunchucksammy
Well I am writing this because I am annoyed that StarWarsPhreak closes threads and makes some rude replies when he sees this.

The one I just read said "I am tired of waiting for the patch"

StarWarsPhreak replied "I am tired of seeing these threads, and btw, it is released .
How observant. You can read.

He then proceeded to close the thread. Well I will tell you this StarWarsPhreak, you may be an honory chairman of the Forum "get-a-life" society, but you are clearly abusing your admin powers when you are discontinueing peoples right to say what they feel when it was non-offensive and it was not against any forum rules or policies. You closed this thread out of sheer arrogant abuse of your opinion.
- He has no admin powers - he is a moderator.
- It's a moderator's job to make sure redundant/stupid threads are closed/deleted. He has been given the authority to judge this.
- Yes, it was against forum policies to create a thread to bitch about things. Unless it's in the off topic area, when it clearly wasn't.
- Again, he closed it because he's doing his job.

What is funny is that I am sure you will delete this before people can read it, or you will close it or edit it or something like that.
No, in fact, he will not. I can be a real prick about it and sticky this for all to see, if you'd like.

Who knows you might even ban me from the forums.
Again, he cannot ban you. I can, however.

Moral of the story: StarWarsPhreak should really relax a bit, stop being rude, stop abusing your "administration powers" and maybe be informative in stead of sarcastic. The patch this person mentioned above was waiting for is NOT released.
Moral of the story: direct your whiny angst towards someone that not only deserves it, but someone that you talk to in real life. That'll avoid the "OMG I AM PROTESTING ENNNGGGGHHHH" impression you're giving.

Case closed. Now get off my internet.
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