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YaY! My first complaint/abusing power thread!

Here's why I closed his/hers/its thread.

From CoC:
  • Thou shalt not spam! Spamming is defined as the practice of making irrelevant posts with no substance, only smileys, or a combination of the aforementioned. Again, this rule will be enforced heavily in all forums. Staff reserve the right to delete or close spammy posts and threads at their discretion.
  • As always, try to make good threads. Avoid spammy topics, and word your thread's topic so everyone will understand what it is meant to discuss. Avoid duplicating threads. If there's a thread open that is or is very close to the topic of a thread you want to create, post in that thread.
Oh and here's a little rule you broke when you created this thread.

From CoC:
  • Create new threads in the appropriate forums. News and discussion relating to SW: Battlefront should be placed in Star Wars Battlefront, off-topic threads in The Sliced Tauntaun, and so on. If a topic is created in the wrong forum, the moderators will move it. Not a big deal, but just make things easy.
And yes, I'm only a Moderator. I can't ban users yet... I'll have to peform more sexual favors to get to that level.
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