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*Shunaria snaps his jaws at Davin, barely missing. A powerful thrust of the dragon's tail knocks Davin away in WH Irvine's direction.

Shunaria's body leaps into the air, thrusting at the two. Irvine, hovering in the air, presented the best target. The dragon opens his jaws wide and swallows Irvine's destruction ball, then Irvine an instant later.

Shunaria turns to Talon, now the nearest enemy, and lunges at him, missing and plowing through a whole row of buildings. A lone soldier hiding in a deserted house becomes a half-second snack.

Nearby, K'Warra alights next to Maria and Elizabeth, who had just caught up with each other. Elizabeth clung to Maria*

K'Warra: Time to go.


Arc Musea

*H'lena smashes the sarcophagus free of its pedestal. The blue light holding the Arc moves with the coffin*

H'lena: This has to be the first thing through once the portal is open. *She tries to lift it, and it drops* I need help here, this thing must weigh several tons...

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