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Name: Bac Rueben
Age: 26
Species: Kel Dor
Apperance: Wears a long black cloak with hood and a black uniform for his secret society of bounty hunters that have became very well known. Also wears a mask like Plo Koon.
Bio: The most top agent of the B.H.O. ( Bounty Hunter Organization ) besides the head of the group. He has few known powers besides awesome stealth that killed all bounty hunters above him. He ended up going to Dantooine to hunt for but not kill a thief that stole a precious item that belonged to the B.H.O guild.

Bac Rueben had just arrived from a ship he stole and had already killed the pilot. He headed down to a local bar and got a drink. Inside, he found out information on two other bounty hunters that arrived on the planet and Bac decided to find them and see if they knew anything about his bounty.
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